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What makes teachers continue to teach?

D. Brown, Headteacher near Manchester

In her debut book ‘Wasn’t Me, Miss,’ R.K.J. Adams describes a fictional character's journey to and through the education system. She shares poignant stories of her childhood in school, her teaching journey & later her leadership within schools.

You can’t help but immediately love Micky for his blatant cheek for trying to catch chicken pots from his friend. You’ll loathe Stephanie, the headteacher in an inappropriate relationship with a teacher & you’ll share the teacher frustrations when the dreaded Men in Grey suits arrive to judge the school.

It will resonate with so many teachers & leaders as they read of the events many experience. Her honesty is remarkable; providing the reader with a birds eye view of the trials & tribulations working in the education system. A must read for anyone wanting to know why, with so much stacked against them, teachers continue to teach

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