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A children's book at last!

Last week I was approached to give a talk about being an author in a local primary school as part of World Book Day on Thursday 2nd March. My first two published books are unsuitable for primary-aged children, given the nature of some of the contents. It made me ponder what I could talk about as I did not feel I could take in either book.

Could I possibly write a children's book in a couple of weeks and get it printed? My dream, as a child, was to write a book suitable for little ones. Then when I left teaching I thought I did not want to create such a book and my writing journey took me down a path to write for adults. However, when faced with a challenge, I rarely give up and the limited time available gave me a thrill! Could I pull this off in time for the big day?

I set to work, quickly deciding on a topic and the kind of book I wanted to write. I chose a rhyming book about the various jobs a child might dream of doing when they are older. Less than forty-eight hours later a book with photographic images was created and on Saturday 11th February 2023 I sent the proofs to the printers who turn my pages into books.

I can't wait to receive the first copies next week! Pre-orders have begun.

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