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I'm so sorry I haven't posted anything for ages but I do have an excuse! '

I had a quick break to visit Alnwick Book Fest in late February to meet some of my author friends for a catch-up and the launch of Michael Heppell's 'Write That Book'. It was lovely to meet in person for the first time after more than a year of meetings online.

What Shall I be?' was launched on World Book Day in early March and I made the local newspaper. It was a fun distraction that took me away from serious writing for a few weeks. I enjoyed being back in the classroom for an hour or so to read to the pupils at my local primary school and I'm pleased to report that I survived! I think I secretly enjoy being a children's author. It wasn't planned, took me by surprise but I loved it.

I am currently around 50,000 into 'She Who Was' so big news is coming later in the next few months. After a few weeks away from writing, I am really enjoying the twists and turns this plot is taking. I hope you like the characters I have created. I am becoming very fond of them already!

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