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Dare I mention the C word?

What a month September turned out to be! I have been so busy in the last week volunteering at the St Duthac Book and Arts Festival. My role as a volunteer meant I got to help out at live author events such as Polly Pullar, T.L. Huchu, Ghillie Basan and John McLellan author talks. Each shared their journeys in writing. As well as making teas and coffees and selling raffle tickets, I also got to help out at the Festival pop-up shop in Tain. What an experience it was to meet so many different book lovers who had the opportunity to flick through pre-loved and new books, My own four books were on sale and did really well in terms of sales, particularly, 'Who's That Snoring?'

The Aurora Borealis season has commenced with a bang and already there have been two wonderful nights spent photographing the Merry Dancers. I am particularly pleased with a shot I took of The Wee Hoose of Broon on Loch Shin. The street lighting played havoc with all the camera settings but somehow I managed to pull off a shot of the house with a sky full of aurora reflecting on the loch.

I have been working away in the background, planning new projects and continuing two writing projects which I currently have on the go. The murder mystery novel is shaping up well. I had hoped to publish it in 2023 but I think it will be better not to rush. What will be, will be and it will be ready soon. I love the direction of the story, which I had not planned when I began writing the novel, I also have another children's book I am working on but more about that in the next few months.

Now for my big news! Dare I mention the C word yet? As September rapidly approaches an end, and we move into October, what better time to start thinking about pressies? Ninety-four days until C Day! It only seems like five minutes since last year's celebrations.

There was something I have wanted to do for a long time but this dream has finally come true! I nervously put out the link and will be interested to hear what you think. I have tried to keep costs as small as I can, with nothing over £29.99 (postage not included). All are available from the merchandise store on my website. Here are a few tasters of what you can find. Printed and shipped within the UK.

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