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Happy New Year

It's strange to think that we are already into the third day of 2024! Before we know it, the warmer months will be here.

In January, it's popular to consider resolutions for the new year ahead. What changes does one wish to make? What physical or emotional alternatives can someone manifest? Wanting and wishing something to be different about one's self always seems depressing a few weeks later when nothing has changed, old habits have returned, the waistline stays the same, and familiarity feels comfortable.

For me, I have one plan for the year. She Who Was will be finished and published. I have promised myself that I shall not create any more diversions, no matter what seems a good plan at the time. I need to find accountability in myself, so I'll post updates of how things are going through my blog.

The first twelve chapters of the novel have been with beta readers for a few weeks. Silly errors are being spotted, and questions are asked, comments made. Whilst this might sound daunting to some writers, I love this first read through. Reactions give me a flavour of what I need to do next.

Today, I plan to work on three chapters that are already written, editing, and pausing to consider words and sentence structures.

To inspire me, I shall focus for one brief moment on an image I took on New Year's Day; my first aurora shots of 2024. Who needs fireworks when Nature delivers much a light show to welcome the year!

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