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Just a few days to go!

Where has October gone? It seems to have vanished with the gales and storms over the last few weeks.

As a new month approaches, Scottish Book Week is almost upon us. The event which runs from 13th to 19th November celebrates and promotes books and reading across the country. Towards the end of the week I've been invited to read for a class of children at a local library. An author visit is apparently a first for this particular place and the librarian, so I am honoured to be asked. It's a wee building in the heart of the community, and it's good to know that it survives and tries to accommodate activities to bring young readers through the door.

Scottish Book Week will also see the publication of my third children's book, It's Not Fair! This was never a planned project, but one I am delighted to have been involved with. An author friend asked me to write a book to support her grandchild to understand why the child's younger sibling is different to herself and seemingly gets away with things, whilst she always follows the family rules. I hope that, in writing a book about neurodiversity, it will help to explain to youngsters why brothers, sisters, friends and classmates might be different to themselves.

It's Not Fair is available for pre-order and will be sent out during Scottish Book Week. Books arrived this morning. Here is a short video of the unboxing.

There are lots of events going on in November and December besides publishing book number five. I have a number of local markets to attend, commencing with Dornoch Community Market on Friday 3rd November from 10am to 1pm. I'll post all the other dates and venues soon.

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