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The Big Announcement

A few months ago an author friend who writes adult books approached me to write a children's book for her granddaughter who is struggling to understand how autism affects her younger brother. She struggles to comprehend why he is treated differently to her and can't share toys or take turns.

Could I write a book to support this little girl? I wasn't sure. However, I have taught children with neurodiversity and tried to put myself in her shoes. What would it be like to live with someone who screams and throws toys? It must be frustrating and frightening at times. I wanted to capture how she felt she was treated differently, but ultimately how she loves her brother no matter what. It's Not Fair! was created. I hope that young children will be supported to understand the reactions and behaviour of a sibling or friend who is neurodivergent

I certainly had no plans to publish a third children's book in 2023. As most people know, I am in the middle of writing my first crime novel. This will be the last book before She Who Was is finished.

It's Not Fair is available for pre-order and will be published on Saturday 18th November, as part of Scottish Book Week (13th to 19th November).. Orders will be sent out during this week.

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