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The Last Few Days

The last few days have been so special. Firstly, I turned sixty. In my head, I'm thirty but my aging bones sometimes make me feel eighty! I still don't think of myself as senior or old but because I live in Scotland I can apply for my bus pass so I did.

My birthday was the warmest and sunniest day I can remember. Usually, there are clouds and I can recall torrential rain on several occasions so the sun making an appearance for my sixtieth was an added bonus.

My cake was pretty spectacular. Wasn't Me, Miss! featured with an icing blackboard, harping back to my teaching days. Had I not become ill, this would have been the year I retired. Instead, I retired early and life after retirement has been a roller coaster. Would I have become an author, had I not retired? I doubt that very much.

The day after my birthday was the first ever Kyle of Sutherland Book Fair which I had helped to organise. What a fabulous event it turned out to be! Four hours spent in the company of an amazing bunch of authors, an eclectic mix of genres, styles and experience. Somehow, the Book Gods looked down and made it a wonderful day. Fantastic cakes and coffee also helped!

After the fair was packed away for this year, it was time to get ready for a special meal at one of my favourite haunts. Mr A. and I enjoyed a gorgeous meal but for once there was no dessert. It was time to head home for a piece of Wasn't Me, Miss!

My sixtieth was memorable for so many reasons. I loved it. I wonder what the decade has in store for me.

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