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International Women's Day Joke

International Women's Day Joke

You little girl,

What will you be?

A princess, a lawyer,

dive deep in the sea?

Perhaps you'll be rich,

A mum to twins,

A lass on the check-out

Scanning our tins.

What do your parents

want for you?

To be happy and healthy,

To be loved too.

But some little girls

don't have this luck.

Dragged through the mud,

the rubbish and muck.

Enslaved from their youth,

Raped at nine,

Babies cut from them

As they scream and pine.

Forced into sex work,

Genitals cut.

Stealing and begging.

Life in a rut.

Wishing escape,

Dead in a lorry.

We all see pictures

And we all feel sorry.

You little girl

Haunting me.

International Women's Day?

No ... until you're free.

©️ RKJ Adams

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