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There's a book on the loose!

The story of the escaped Japanese macaque from Highland Wildlife Park has amused people for the last few days. Social media posts have had him up to all kinds of tricks with the use of funny images. I couldn't resist the temptation to get in on the act, using a little bit of AI magic!

There's another Highland drama coming soon. Who loves a few plot twists? She Who Was will be published in late summer. It is really taking shape now, and the first twelve chapters have been edited, read by beta readers, and their comments have been encouraging. It is still not perfect enough to be seen in public, but it is getting there.

The task is now to finish the novel. I know the ending. It has already been written. I knew almost from day one who the murderer would be. In fact, most chapters have been written. I can't wait for readers to read it and to hear how I came up with the storyline. I hope that it will be mysterious, thought-provoking, and above all, a good read. Only time will tell!

A new month beckons. I am sticking to a tight writing schedule in February, with few distractions, to get the final draft completely finished. Please send copious amounts of coffee and cake. The reward for my hard work will be a fish supper on 29th February, fresh from the sea around Ullapool. My mouth is watering at the thought of it, even now. If I fail, then it is a month of housework!

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